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Hi, I'm TAL

A digital nomad & a passionate creative visual designer.

I have more then 18 years of an extensive experience in various & varied fields such as: branding {creating universal visual language}, web/digital design, UX/UI, exhibitions and more...
Today I live with my family in Southwest Europe and for the past five years have been combining traveling around the world & what I love to do: create & design.


I would love to collaborate with you, together we will learn & research about your business needs, identify your unique points & create a visual language that will resonate globally with your message.




We have contacted Tal to design a complete branding set for our bookbinding studio and we couldn't be happier with the result! Our process with Tal was highly professional, from the first step of getting to know our studio characteristics and uniqueness, through choosing the main concept and finally exposing the highly exciting results. It was not a usual branding process like we experienced in the past but a brainstorming with a creative master mind that pushed us to dive deeper into our brand's core and connect the many loose ends together to a stunning language that we use throughout many platforms.

Tal is exceptionally talented, devoted and careful. We simply can not recommend her enough and can't wait for our next project together.


Working with Tal was easy and intuitive. We worked with her on our website, logo design and creating new colour scheme. Her thoughtful and calm approach supported us to create a website that attracted the students we were looking for to begin our education project. We get many really lovely comments about the site and how it reflects well what we are doing in the world. Thank you so much Tal, as I have said many times, it is a joy to work with you and we are so grateful for all that you do.


When I opened a restaurant (Hummus Bar), I hired Tal to do our graphic design and logo.

Tal is a professional graphic designer and has the sensitivity to understand and to fulfil all of our needs! 
Tal is very talented! She is experienced and have high professional skills, and great personal communication abilities.
She first offered  us some options and interviewed us to understand all of our needs. Once we started the project she was very much available for all our needs and wishes. Time frame was accurate and to our surprise she was also very quick.
We are so happy we found Tal and fully recommend her work and excellent service.
Tal thank you so much for creating us such a beautiful graphic designs.


Our Work with Tal is one of the most creative and beautiful projects I ever produced . 
She is supper professional, pleasant, calm and fast, and most of all .. So talented . 
We worked online over seas for like a month on a game with 48 cards and lots of details and a lot of thinking involved  and it worked just great, and came out perfect.
We made 800 people very very happy and touched.
A piece of art that will last for decades within our community.

Thanks so much!


I have worked with Tal on 2 websites now and product labels. I like very much her approach that combines a clean, professional & wholistic approach to her designs. I enjoyed a lot her calm and kind energy through the process, remaining focused and attentive to my demands. It was all-in-all a pleasure to work with Tal!

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